We provide scalable
business connectivity, anywhere on Earth.

We can connect you anywhere, whether it's using satellite, cellular or fibre connectivity, to build always-on solutions that suit your business applications requirements.

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Connected offers superior service availability and uptime

We’ve been working in business connectivity since 2001 and are experts in understanding our customers' unique requirements, the challenges that may arise while delivering network connectivity solutions and how to keep customers "always-on".

We know how, and where, global carriers work.

You don’t have to manage a variety of different suppliers and you don’t have to spend hours researching the best solutions. Connected Networks has data on more than 1.4 billion buildings worldwide and the knowledge and the tools to deliver the best connectivity to your desired location, every time.

Global Business Connectivity

Connected Services

Connected Networks understands your business application needs.

We understand how data flows from A to B, where your business application needs to be stored and how it needs to perform. That’s why we’re able to make expert suggestions for what needs to be done and build networks to support how your data flows anywhere on the planet.

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