Network performance analytics.

We specialise in network and performance analytics and offer the ability to analyse what is happening with your network at any given time in a granular fashion to identify and address issues.

When you’re experiencing connectivity issues, identifying them swiftly is key.

At Connected Networks, we have our own analytics platform which enables us to find the cause of connectivity issues by using two different technologies, Flow Meter and TWAMP, a standard based method for measuring IP performance - packet loss, delay and jitter between two devices.

We have the visibility and expertise to quicky address problems.

Potential connectivity problems can be varied, so it’s important to see what is going on with a network and provide the data needed to make informed decisions. This also allows us to continuously optimise and improve performance.

We maintain optimum connectivity for your business

Granular, real-time data on service performance

Application-by-Application perspective

We can analyse third-party networks

Proactive maintenance to avoid problems

We want to understand your connectivity needs.

Our projects all start by defining your objectives, your application and diversity requirements and the challenges you may face. From there, we build a robust connectivity plan before orchestrating and managing your business connectivity, meaning you only deal with us.