Global Internet Connectivity, connecting you to the world.

When it comes to providing global internet connectivity, we know how to get the job done. Connected Networks have been building global networks for more than a decade and have the expertise to connect you to the world.

Consolidating the world’s network service providers, so you don’t have to.

Connected partner with hundreds of the world's leading network service providers so you don’t have to. This gives our customers unrivalled global reach, in one consolidated view, for global internet connectivity.

A data driven approach to Global Internet Connectivity.

With data on more than 1.4bn enterprise buildings, Data centres, and the world’s metro and long distance fibre routes, you can have peace of mind that we know where and how to connect your locations, whilst always optimising performance and service availability.

A unified view, from Austria to Zimbabwe

Unified access to all global carriers

We keep costs low

Standardised connectivity, anywhere on the planet

Detailed network performance and analytics platform

You don’t have to find suppliers

Single contract, single invoice

You don’t have to work with suppliers on a day-to-day basis

“One throat to choke”

We want to understand your connectivity needs.

Our projects all start by defining your objectives, your application and diversity requirements and the challenges you may face. From there, we build a robust connectivity plan before orchestrating and managing your business connectivity, meaning you only deal with us.