Does Your Organisation Have A Microsoft E3-35 365 License?

Microsoft E3- 35 365 License

Connected Networks would like to talk to you about Copilot AI and what it can do for your business. 

Here at Connected Networks, we see first-hand how fast the world is constantly changing. With AI, we are, like it or not, in a technological revolution which is using more and more energy with every passing day. It might not be an exaggeration to say that technological progress has entered a new era, where the pace of change means we are all adapting to new implementations on a continual basis. 

Connected Networks: Helping the world revolutionise IT Networks and simultaneously ushering in the age of AI. 

Connected Networks sees both sides of this revolution: we provide high-end IT network connectivity across the globe and the AI revolution requires vast networks of high-bandwidth capable fibre and redundancy circuits linking data centres to cities and their swathes of users. We see firsthand what technologies the foundational companies of this revolution are being built on, from Bandwidth On Demand in real time, connecting data centres in minutes to serve specific locations, to Software Defined Networks that allow users to enjoy access from anywhere.  

On the other side of the coin, we also help our clients get the best out of the latest technology to drive their businesses forward. There is no doubt, flexibility in your network infrastructure is increasingly becoming a great competitive advantage. Adding to this flexibility with the latest AI capabilities, such as Microsoft’s Copilot, whole business processes can be redesigned to be more efficient, providing better service and ultimately improving the bottom line.  

No IT Manager or those responsible for IT infrastructure can afford to ignore these twin realities. We have the hardware of the IT network and the software to make it flexible and On Demand, and we have AI on top of that, augmenting your workforce’s skills.  

Companies using E3-E5 already have access to acquire Copilot license:  

At Connected Networks, we also work with companies using Microsoft’s E5 Office Suite. Many are unaware this also allows them to deploy Microsoft’s Copilot AI across their network. Available worldwide via public Cloud providers, this can lead to a number of benefits for organisations willing to onboard it.  

If you are unsure of how to proceed implementing Copilot, then let us know and we can arrange for a consultation with our experts.  

What can Copilot AI offer my business?  

Unleash Creativity: 

  • In Word, Copilot kick-starts the creative process, providing a first draft for editing and iteration, thereby saving hours of writing, sourcing and editing time. 
  • In PowerPoint, it aids in creating engaging presentations from a simple prompt, pulling relevant content from past documents. 
  • In Excel, Copilot assists in analysing trends and quickly generating professional data visualisations. 

Unlock Productivity: 

  • Helps reduce the burden of busywork, allowing teams to focus on more significant aspects of work. 
  • In Outlook, it streamlines email management by summarising long threads and drafting replies swiftly. 
  • In Teams, it enhances meeting productivity by summarising discussions, aligning viewpoints and suggesting action items in real-time. 
  • Copilot in Power Platform enables automation of repetitive tasks, creation of chatbots and rapid development of working apps. 
  • GitHub data indicates that developers using GitHub Copilot experience increased productivity, satisfaction and efficiency in finding information or examples. 
  • Introduces a new knowledge model that leverages organisational data for insights, accessible through Microsoft, Bing or Teams, enhancing information flow and time efficiency.   

Uplevel Skills: 

  • Enables rapid mastery of new skills and improves proficiency in familiar tasks. 
  • Unlocks Microsoft 365's extensive functionality through natural language commands, making advanced features easily accessible. 
  • Promises a transformative approach to AI interaction in the workplace, offering competitive advantages to those who adapt to this new working pattern. 

How a major UK law firm uses Microsoft Copilot AI with Office 365:  

Clifford Chance, a global law firm, is advancing its digital transformation by incorporating Copilot for Microsoft 365 across its entire workforce.  

  • Early Adoption and Integration: Clifford Chance is among the first global organisations to deploy Copilot for Microsoft 365 on a large scale. This move builds on the earlier introduction of Clifford Chance Assist, a private AI tool developed on Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI platform, now available globally to all staff. 
  • Enhancing Business Operations: The firm is using digital innovation to improve business operations and client service. The integration of AI-powered workplace solutions like Copilot aims to boost productivity, accelerate turnaround times and enhance client satisfaction by automating routine tasks. 
  • AI-powered Workplace Solutions: These solutions employ artificial intelligence and natural language processing to automate daily tasks such as meeting management, email drafting and task management. Features like Viva Insights and Viva Learning offer continuous insights and learning opportunities, while Teams Premium provides live transcripts, aiding non-native English speakers and those with accessibility needs. 
  • Global AI Principles & Policy Framework: Clifford Chance's deployment of AI solutions adheres to a global AI Principles & Policy framework. This framework guides best practices in AI adoption and includes seeking client consent for AI solutions used in client work, ensuring responsible and ethical use of AI. 
  • Legal Output Validation: Any legal output produced by AI systems at Clifford Chance is identified as such and is validated by a qualified lawyer, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of AI-generated work. 
  • Collaboration with Microsoft: The firm's latest investments in AI, including the early adoption of Microsoft 365 Copilot, are part of a collaboration with Microsoft. This partnership underscores Clifford Chance's commitment to AI-led innovation and the potential of AI tools to transform the legal sector by automating routine tasks, driving productivity and improving client satisfaction. 

Remember, if your organisation has an E3-E5 Microsoft 365 license, then we can get Copilot set up and demonstrated for you.  

Contact us and we’ll set up a call with our experts to show you what AI can do for your organisation.