On-Demand Connectivity

Is On-Demand Connectivity Secure?

On-Demand Connectivity Secure

The fast-paced business world demands agility and on-demand connectivity delivers a revolutionary solution, allowing companies to acquire internet, ethernet and even cloud connections in minutes, not months. But with this newfound flexibility comes a crucial question - is on-demand connectivity secure?

Is On-Demand Connectivity Secure?

The answer is a resounding yes, when you choose a provider like Connected Networks that prioritises security throughout its infrastructure and partnerships. Here's why:

Connected Networks: Security Woven Into The Fabric

On-demand connectivity doesn't have to mean compromised security. Connected Networks goes beyond basic measures, offering a robust security architecture.  

Multi-Layered Defence: Advanced firewalls act as the first line of defence, filtering traffic and blocking unauthorised access. Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS) constantly monitor your network for suspicious activity, proactively stopping potential threats.

Data Encryption: Industry-standard protocols like AES-256 ensure your data remains unreadable, even if intercepted. Both data in transit and at rest are encrypted, safeguarding sensitive information.

Security Through Intelligent Partnerships

Connected Networks doesn't just offer connections; we offer intelligent connectivity and leverage network intelligence on more than 1.4 billion buildings worldwide. This allows us to identify and partner with the most secure and reliable fibre optic suppliers in your specific location. This reduces risk by ensuring your connection leverages robust security infrastructure from the start.

Empowering You With Control

Security is a shared responsibility; Connected Networks provides user-friendly management tools within our on-demand connectivity platform, giving you the power to:

Manage User Access: Grant or restrict access permissions to specific individuals or groups within your organisation.

Monitor Network Activity: Gain real-time insights into your network traffic and identify any potential security anomalies.

Implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Add an extra layer of security by requiring a second verification factor (e.g., code from a mobile app) for logins.

Security Makes On-demand Connectivity A Powerful Ally

On-demand connectivity, when implemented with a security-conscious provider like Connected Networks, offers a secure and agile solution for businesses. Their commitment to multi-layered security, intelligent partnerships and user-empowering controls ensures a safe and reliable network environment.

Embrace the agility of on-demand connectivity with peace of mind. Remember, security is an ongoing process. By staying informed about cyber threats, maintaining strong password hygiene and implementing MFA, you can further strengthen your security posture. With Connected Networks as your partner, you can confidently leverage the agility and security benefits of on-demand connectivity.