On-Demand Connectivity

Unlock On-demand Connectivity In Your Business?

On-demand Connectivity In Your Business?

Struggling with a sluggish network that can't keep up with your growing business? You're not alone.  

In today's fast-paced world, traditional network connections can feel like a ball and chain, hindering your ability to adapt and scale quickly. That's where On-Demand Connectivity becomes a game-changer.  

This revolutionary approach lets businesses ditch the lengthy wait times and complex setup processes associated with traditional connections. Instead, you can acquire internet, ethernet and even cloud connections in a matter of minutes, not months.

Unlock On-demand Connectivity In Your Business?

In essence, with on-demand connectivity, you can easily increase your bandwidth allocation in real-time to ensure a seamless online experience for your customers.

Benefits Of On-Demand Connectivity

Faster Provisioning:  

No more waiting months for new connections. Get up and running in minutes and adapt to changing business needs instantly.


Easily adjust bandwidth up or down as your business demands fluctuate.


Pay only for the bandwidth you use, eliminating unnecessary expenses.


Ideal for businesses with dynamic workloads or seasonal requirements.

Improved Performance:  

Guarantee a reliable and high-performing network to support your business applications.

How To Get On-demand Connectivity With Connected Networks

Here at Connected Networks, we understand the critical role a robust and adaptable network plays in today's business landscape. That's why we offer On-Demand Connectivity solutions designed to empower your business:

Extensive Network Reach:  

We leverage a huge network of more than 500+ fibre optic suppliers, providing truly global reach. No matter your location or specific needs, we can identify the optimal solution to connect your business.

Simplified Management:  

Our user-friendly web interface takes the complexity out of managing your network. You can quote, order, view and manage all your on-demand connectivity services in one place, saving you valuable time and resources.

Network Intelligence Powered Efficiency:  

Our expertise goes beyond just partnerships. We leverage network intelligence on more than 1.4 billion buildings worldwide. This allows us to efficiently identify the most reliable fibre partner for your situation, ensuring optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.

Global Coverage, Guaranteed:  

We can deliver connectivity solutions to all 195 countries, utilising any necessary medium. We leave no stone unturned in connecting your business to the world.

Ready to unlock the agility and flexibility of on-demand connectivity for your business? Contact Connected Networks today. Our team of experts can help you assess your connectivity needs and design a customised on-demand solution that empowers your business to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.