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Why Choose Colt? We Explain All

Why Choose Colt?

“Why choose Colt?” is obviously a question we’re often asked as leading Colt partners, so we wanted to explain the many reasons why we work with Colt.

We know researching the vast digital landscape can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, right? We also know you’re looking for a partner that not only stands out but truly understands your needs. This is where Colt, the titan of on-demand connectivity, comes into play.

So, why do Connected Networks partner with Colt? Let’s explain:

Why Choose Colt? We Explain All

An Extraordinary Network That Delivers

Colt has this amazing thing called the Colt IQ Network, a beacon in on-demand connectivity. It’s not your average network. It’s designed with your business in mind, ensuring you’re always ahead in the digital game. Whether you’re handling big datasets or just want that seamless team chat, the Colt IQ Network ensures on-demand connectivity, every time.

They Really Care About Your Experience

Colt isn’t just about ticking boxes. They genuinely want to be that friend in the digital world which every leading business trusts. Don’t just take our word for it – their impressive NPS scores speak volumes about the kind of top-notch customer service they offer.

It’s All About the People

Behind all of Colt’s techy brilliance is a team of real, passionate humans. These ‘Colties’, as they affectionately call themselves, are spread across the globe. They bring local insights and ensure that Colt on-demand connectivity is always on its A-game.

From London to the World  

Starting off in the bustling city of London back in ’92, Colt has spread its wings to over 60 offices in 32 countries. This global presence means Colt on-demand connectivity is always within your reach.

Smart Solutions for Tomorrow

Colt is all about looking forward. They’re constantly innovating and are pioneering on-demand connectivity to give businesses like yours the tools you need. It’s like having that reliable friend who always has the latest tech and knows just how to use it to make things easier, just like Connected Networks.

Doing Good for the World

In today’s age, doing right by the planet isn’t a luxury, it’s essential. Colt gets this. They’re not just about the now; they’re committed to building a brighter, greener future for all of us.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully we’ve answered the question, “Why does Connected use Colt?”. It’s not just about the services they offer but the values they stand for. In the digital symphony of connectivity, Colt is the maestro, orchestrating seamless connections that empower, inspire and elevate.

If you would like to know more about Colt’s products, contact a member of the Connected Networks team today.