Colt Expands Internet On Demand To 10 New Countries And Launches Energy-Saving Virtual Router

Colt Expands Internet On Demand

Enable Business Agility Using On-Demand Connectivity

Connected Networks is thrilled to share the latest advancements from our valued partner, Colt Technology Services, who has announced a significant expansion of its Internet On Demand service.

Colt Expands Internet On Demand To 10 New Countries And Launches Energy-Saving Virtual Router

Colt’s Internet on Demand now extends to ten additional countries: the US, Canada, Australia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia. This expansion increases the service’s availability to a total of 27 countries across Europe, Asia, and North America, offering bandwidths of up to 10Gbps to cater to the growing demands of businesses for flexible and automated digital infrastructure solutions as they venture into new markets.

This development is particularly exciting for us at Connected Networks, as it directly aligns with our commitment to providing our clients with top-tier connectivity solutions. The expansion of Colt’s Internet On Demand service not only adds tremendous value to our existing clients by offering enhanced flexibility and scalability across their digital infrastructure but also opens up new avenues for potential clients looking to grow and innovate in an increasingly digital world.

Colt’s introduction of a new, energy-saving virtual router (vRouter) in the UK and France, with plans to roll it out in other countries later this year, is a testament to their dedication to sustainability and innovation. This move towards virtualisation is a game-changer, offering our clients a way to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their sustainability goals without compromising on efficiency or performance.

The vRouter, located in the cloud, saves on energy and physical space while delivering virtual network functionality on demand, across a fully automated, centralised platform.

Since its inception, Colt’s On Demand service has set a new standard for Networks as a Service solutions, providing businesses with the ability to utilise digital infrastructure on an when-needed basis. This flexibility is crucial for organisations running a variety of business-critical digital services across their IT networks, including AI and collaboration applications. Features such as real-time network connectivity and pay-as-you-go billing empower our clients to adapt swiftly to market demands, optimise costs and reduce environmental impact.

Peter Coppens, VP of Infrastructure and Connectivity Solutions at Colt, highlights the changing landscape of business and application consumption and emphasises the importance of self-service, automation and consumption-based billing.

Colt’s Internet On Demand service addresses these needs perfectly, offering economic and environmental benefits that are increasingly sought after by businesses looking to expand globally.

Colt’s recent survey, involving 755 IT leaders across Europe and Asia, underscores the growing importance of On Demand connectivity, with a significant majority recognising its critical role in their operations.

At Connected Networks, we are excited about the possibilities this expansion brings to our clients and the potential it holds for new partnerships. The synergy between Connected Networks and Colt Technology Services, particularly through initiatives like the Internet On Demand service, underscores our shared commitment to innovation, sustainability and client satisfaction.

Together, we are poised to help businesses navigate the complexities of digital transformation, making it easier, more efficient and sustainable to connect with the world.

If you would like to know more about on-demand connectivity and how it can benefit your business speak to a member of the Connected Networks team today.