Business Connectivity in Dubai

Dubai Businesses: Conquer Global Markets With Connected Networks AS3356 Advantage

Dubai Businesses Conquer Global Markets

Dubai businesses! Conquer global markets with Connected Networks' PoPs on AS3356, the world's #1 ranked network for speed & reach.

Unlocking Global Reach and Performance for Dubai's Business Landscape  

In today's digital world, Dubai businesses seeking international success require a robust and reliable network infrastructure. Enter Connected Networks, your partner for unlocking global potential.  

This blog explores the significance of AS3356 and how Connected Networks strategically placed Points of Presence (PoPs) empower you to leverage its capabilities.

Understanding AS3356: A Network Powerhouse

AS3356, historically associated with Equinix Inc., is a leading global interconnection and data centre company. While the specific AS number might have changed due to acquisitions, its core function remains. This network boasts a vast reach and robust infrastructure, making it highly desirable for businesses seeking global connectivity.

Unpacking AS3356 Ownership and Management:

It's important to understand the unique structure of AS3356. Regarding the internet backbone infrastructure (Autonomous System 3356), the physical assets, such as data centres and fibre optic cables, will be owned regionally by a respective Colt or Lumen affiliate.  

However, the critical aspect lies in the co-management of this IP network. Rather than splitting the AS3356 designation along these physical ownership boundaries, Lumen and Colt are building a long-term commercial relationship to maintain and operate this IP network as a unified entity on a global scale. This collaborative approach ensures consistent performance and seamless connectivity across the entire AS3356 network.

Why AS3356 is the Powerhouse Choice

AS3356 offers businesses significant advantages.

Tier 1 IP Transit: Connected Networks utilises AS3356, providing Tier 1 IP Transit with secure, reliable internet connectivity and minimal network hops. This translates to faster loading times and a smoother online experience for your global audience.

Extensive Global Peering: AS3356 is the world's most extensively peered network. This partnership with Lumen ensures your traffic travels with the fewest possible hops, minimising latency and maximising performance.

Unparalleled Performance: Over 60% of the internet traffic originating on AS3356 stays on the network, according to CAIDA. This minimises data handoffs and ensures optimal performance for your business-critical applications.

Scalability and Security: With port options up to 400Gbps and global edge capacity exceeding 550Tbps, AS3356 can handle your most demanding workloads. Additionally, Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) for Route Origin Validation and optional DDoS mitigation services ensure network security.

Connected Networks: Your Gateway to AS3356 Performance

Simply having access to a powerful network like AS3356 isn't enough though, there are other considerations for maximum potential. That’s where Connected Networks steps in with our expertise in PoP solutions:

Strategic PoP Placement: They establish PoPs in key locations like Dubai, bringing the AS3356 network closer to your business. This translates to significant advantages like reduced latency and enhanced reliability.

Customised Network Solutions: One size doesn't fit all. Connected Networks assesses your business goals and target markets to identify the optimal PoP location within the AS3356 network ecosystem. They offer flexible billing options and both static and BGP routing configurations to best suit your needs.


Benefits of Connected Networks' Partnership Approach

This collaborative approach offers several advantages.

Unparalleled Performance and Security: By leveraging AS3356's reach, reliability and security features through strategically placed PoPs, you gain a competitive edge.

Flexibility and Customisation: Connected Networks personalises your PoP solution to best suit your specific needs and traffic loads.

Future-Proofed Infrastructure: Through partnerships, you have access to cutting-edge network technologies and infrastructure, ensuring your business remains competitive in the evolving digital landscape.

Connected Networks – Your Partner in Global Success

With Connected Networks as your partner, you don't just gain access to AS3356's performance potential; you gain a team of experts dedicated to maximising your global reach. They understand the complexities of international connectivity and provide customised solutions to overcome challenges.

Ready to take your business to the global stage? Contact Connected Networks today and explore how our strategic PoP solutions, leveraging the power of AS3356, can propel your Dubai business to new heights.