How Much Does On-demand Connectivity Cost?

On-demand Connectivity Cost

The business world is embracing a new era of dynamic network solutions. On-demand connectivity services empower businesses to take control and adapt their network needs with greater flexibility. This approach offers significant advantages, but a key question remains: what is the cost of On-Demand Connectivity?

This article will navigate on-demand connectivity pricing with Connected Networks. We'll explore the different pricing models available, highlight key factors to consider and ultimately guide you towards choosing the ideal on-demand solution for your business.

How Much Does On-demand Connectivity Cost?

The Power Of On-Demand Pricing Models

On-demand connectivity typically offers two core pricing models:

Flex: Perfect for businesses with fluctuating bandwidth needs. You only pay for what you use, with per-hour billing optimising costs during periods of lower activity. Flexible contract terms, ranging from one hour to longer durations, allow you to adapt to changing requirements.

Fixed: Ideal for businesses that prioritise cost predictability. Lock in a set monthly rate for your circuit connection throughout the contract term (typically 12, 24 or 36 months). This simplifies budgeting and eliminates uncertainty regarding monthly network expenses.

Understanding Your On-Demand Needs

When exploring on-demand connectivity, consider these key factors to make the most informed decision.

Bandwidth Requirements: Analyse your typical bandwidth needs and potential fluctuations.

Budgeting Preferences: Do you prioritise predictability with fixed monthly costs or are you comfortable with the flexibility of per-hour billing?

Contract Length: Choose a contract term that aligns with your business strategy and growth projections.

Beyond Price: Considerations For Success

While cost is an important factor, it's not the only one to consider.

Hidden Fees: Ensure you understand any potential installation or additional charges that may apply.

Scalability Options: Confirm the on-demand solution allows for easy bandwidth adjustments as your business grows.

Technical Support: Choose a provider with a reliable and responsive support team to address any technical issues.

Connected Networks: Your On-Demand Partner

Connected Networks takes a customer-centric approach with on-demand connectivity. Here's what we offer.

Transparent Pricing: We provide clear and upfront pricing structures for your on-demand solution.

Flexible Contracts: Choose a contract term that aligns with your business needs, from short-term flexibility to longer-term stability.

Scalability: Our on-demand solution allows you to adjust your bandwidth usage in real-time to perfectly match your fluctuating needs. No more overpaying for unused bandwidth!

Customisable Packages: We work with you to design a package that perfectly fits your requirements and we offer a range of features, including:

  • Dedicated bandwidth (symmetrical)
  • Managed virtual firewall
  • Secure Network Gateway
  • Cloud optimisation
  • Secure remote access for staff
  • Cloud service (no additional hardware required)

Seamless Integration: Our on-demand service integrates seamlessly with your existing network infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption.

Expert Support: Our dedicated team is always available to provide ongoing support and guidance throughout your journey with on-demand connectivity.

Connected Networks On-Demand Packages: A Closer Look

While we offer customised solutions, here's a breakdown of some of our most popular pre-defined on-demand packages to give you a clearer idea of our pricing structure.

  • 100Mbps Package: Ideal for small offices (up to 10 people) with basic internet needs. This package includes dedicated 100Mbps bandwidth, security features and remote access for staff, all for £765/month.
  • 500Mbps Package: Perfect for offices (11-50 users) and data-intensive businesses. This package offers dedicated 500Mbps bandwidth, advanced security features, cloud optimisation and remote access for staff, priced at £1,090/month.
  • 1Gbps Package: Ideal for small offices (up to 10 people) with high bandwidth requirements. This top-tier package provides dedicated 1Gbps bandwidth, comprehensive security features cloud optimisation and remote access for staff, all for £1,310/month.

Contact us today and let our connectivity experts craft a customised on-demand solution that empowers your business growth and optimises your network costs.