SASE Solutions For On-Premise And Cloud Network Security

SASE Solutions For On-Premise And Cloud Network Security

Enterprises face the growing challenge of securing complex environments that span on-premise data centres, cloud resources and an increasingly mobile workforce but the advent of Secure Access Service Edge or SASE solutions have ushered in a new era in network security and optimisation.

As experts in network engineering and architecture, specialising in SASE network installations, we are committed to guiding organisations through the intricacies of SASE, a technology that unifies on-premise and cloud network security. This blog aims to offer an in-depth perspective on how SASE provides consistent, high-quality service across different network environments, including on-premise data centres, branch offices, cloud resources and mobile users.

SASE, pronounced as ‘sassy’ is a pivotal shift in connectivity and moves away from traditional, segmented approaches towards a more integrated, cloud-native strategy. SASE not only serves as a bridge between various network setups but also stands as a cornerstone in achieving high-speed, secure network connections for businesses of all scales.

SASE Solutions For On-Premise And Cloud Network Security

SASE Solutions: An Overview

SASE is a cloud-native architecture that combines network security and wide-area networking (WAN) capabilities into a single, integrated service. By consolidating these functions in the cloud, SASE simplifies network architecture and enhances its flexibility, agility and security.

Unified Security: An Overview

One of the core principles of SASE is its ability to provide consistent and comprehensive security for all edges. This uniform approach means every access point to your network is secured with the same level of protection, reducing vulnerabilities and simplifying the management of network security.

Let’s explore how SASE caters to each edge:

1. On-Premise Data Centres

Traditionally, on-premise data centres have been perceived as the fortress of an organisation’s network. However, SASE doesn’t replace them; rather, it augments their security. By deploying SASE in conjunction with on-premise data centres, you can extend the same level of security and performance to these locations. This is achieved by routing traffic through the SASE cloud, where advanced security services, such as Secure Web Gateways (SWG) and Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS), are applied. This approach ensures that even traditional data centres benefit from modern security practices without the need for extensive, expensive hardware upgrades.

2. Branch Offices:

Branch offices have long posed a challenge in terms of security and connectivity. SASE addresses this concern by allowing branch offices to connect directly to the cloud-based security stack. This eliminates the need for backhauling traffic to the data centre, significantly reducing latency and improving performance. It ensures that branch offices receive the same level of security as on-premise data centres while benefiting from a streamlined, cost-effective network architecture.

3. Cloud Resources:

Cloud adoption is on the rise, and organisations are increasingly relying on various cloud services and infrastructure. SASE complements this shift by securing cloud resources with ease. By connecting to the cloud-based security stack, organisations can enforce consistent security policies across all cloud environments, ensuring the safety of data and applications hosted in the cloud. This approach aligns with the dynamic nature of cloud services, where resources can be easily scaled as needed.

4. Mobile Users:

In the era of remote work and a mobile workforce, securing mobile users is paramount. SASE addresses this need by offering protection to users accessing the network from any location. Mobile users connect to the cloud-based security stack, providing them with the same level of security as if they were within the corporate network. This ensures that no matter where your employees are working, their access is secure and compliant with corporate policies.

5. Scalability and Cost-Efficiency

SASE’s cloud-native architecture offers scalability and cost-efficiency that is unmatched by traditional network security models. By providing a uniform security framework across all edges, organisations can streamline their security operations, reducing the need for complex and costly hardware. The cloud-based approach allows for flexible scaling of resources based on demand, ensuring optimal performance and cost savings.

SASE also simplifies the management of security policies and compliance. With consistent policies applied to all edges, organisations can efficiently enforce security rules, reducing the risk of vulnerabilities and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. This unified approach not only reduces the workload on network administrators but also minimises the potential for human error in policy implementation.

The Role Of SD-WAN In SASE Solutions

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is a key component of the SASE architecture. SD-WAN enhances the performance and agility of the network by optimising traffic routing and providing connectivity to various edges. It allows organisations to establish direct, secure connections to the SASE cloud, ensuring that traffic is efficiently processed and protected.

With SD-WAN, organisations can prioritise critical applications, route traffic along the most efficient paths and adapt to network changes in real-time. This dynamic approach to networking is especially beneficial for organisations with multiple branches, as it minimises latency and ensures consistent performance.

Embracing Future-Ready Network Security With SASE Solutions

SASE is not limited by geography, infrastructure or device. By consolidating security and connectivity in the cloud, SASE simplifies network architecture, enhances security and offers scalability, cost-efficiency and streamlined management.

As network engineers and architects, Connected Networks specialises in implementing SASE solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. With SASE, we empower organisations to embrace the future of networking, where secure, high-speed connections are the norm, regardless of the edge.

This paradigm shift is not just an option; it’s a necessity in an era where the digital landscape is constantly evolving and security threats are ever-present. Embrace the power of SASE and secure your network’s edges with confidence.

If you would like to know more about SASE Solutions for your business needs contact a member of the Connected Networks team today.