Our mission: to provide your business with the very best internet connectivity in Albania.

At Connected Networks, we are dedicated to offering advanced networking solutions for businesses, enhancing their performance and efficiency with our expert consultants.. We utilise cutting-edge IT network technologies, such as SD-WAN, SASE, and Bandwidth On Demand, to provide seamless and secure connectivity. In the event of primary circuit failures, we offer robust backup connectivity solutions to maintain business continuity.

Business Internet Connectivity in Albania.

Key Services Offered by Connected Networks in Albania:

SD-WAN: Our state-of-the-art SD-WAN solutions ensure efficient and secure wide-area networking across your organisation. SD-WAN provides an economical and more efficient alternative to traditional MPLS circuits. Connected Networks have provided these for media, banking, entertainment and legal companies.

SASE (Secure Access Service Edge): Our SASE solutions integrate advanced networking and security functions to support the dynamic, secure access needs of your organisation in the evolving digital landscape.IT Network Monitoring: We offer continuous monitoring of your IT network to ensure optimal performance and the swift resolution of any issues, maintaining the highest standards of network reliability.

Redundancy Circuits: Understanding the critical nature of uninterrupted business operations, we provide redundancy circuits as a safeguard against primary circuit failures.

Point-to-Point Connectivity: Our secure and diverse point-to-point connectivity options effectively connect your business locations across Albania, facilitating efficient data transmission.

Bandwidth On Demand: We offer adaptable bandwidth options to meet your evolving business needs, ensuring optimal network performance at all times.

Global Internet Connectivity: Our services extend beyond Albania, offering global internet connectivity to support your international business operations.

Data Centre Connectivity: We ensure robust connectivity solutions for data centres, providing reliable and high-speed connections for your critical data needs.

Cloud Connectivity: Our services include dedicated access to major cloud platforms like Google, AWS, Azure, and Oracle.

Extensive Global Reach: Connected Networks is linked to over 1 billion buildings worldwide, showcasing our extensive network and capability to connect your business globally.

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